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Automated order processing

Save time and choose automatically generated order and production lists.

Predictable production

Gain insights into your consumers and increase your efficiency.

Boost your sales

Show your whole assortment. A sale is only one click away.

Reach more consumers

Spoil the modern consumer and lead them to your shop.

Happy consumers

Order 24/7, wherever you are

Available on each device, whenever it suits you.

Pay in advance

Skip the queue and collect your order or select home delivery!

Explore the complete assortment

Check out all products and stay on top of new promotions.

Your product, always available

Order online and prevent that your choice is sold out.

Watch video

A consumer places an order

Via your website

Thanks to our website application you can integrate the webshop into your website and design it yourself!

Via the platform

Your webshop is also available on our platform. In this way, you reach more people.

You receive the order

Via email

Receive all orders via email, together with a daily order and production list.

On your computer

You can see all orders via your account, as well as generate order and production lists.

Automatically printed

Thanks to our printing software all orders can be printed in real-time.

Pickup or delivery


The consumer picks up the order in the shop at the selected date and time.


The order is delivered at home at the selected date and time.


£ 60/ month

Extra modules


The digital book module, ISOP (In-Store Order Processing), allows you to process classic orders made by phone, in the shop, ... digitally together with the online orders. At the end of the day, you'll receive automatically generated order and production lists.


The printing system checks for new orders every 30 seconds and makes sure new orders are automatically printed by your printer. In this way you can never forget any order.

Warranty management

This module allows you to add warranties to your products. The system generates an automatic list with all outstanding warranties. In this way you always have an overview of the equipment to be returned and the warranties that need to be reimbursed.

Personalised website

We also provide tailor-made websites! A website is your online business card and shows your customers who you are and what you do. It's also the most important tool to be found quickly in all search engines.

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